Primitive markings

My name is Mark Neznansky, and this is my blog.

Originally I devised it to be a slowly unfolding but otherwise “regular blog” with essays being published sequentially, but then I decided to design it after Gwern’s model and have all essays easily accessible from a single menu, while each essay is presented as a work in progress. As of now, unfortunately, I have very little time to devote to writing, so things move slowly. At the same time, I have a lot to say ––– or so it seems to me ––– which means that a lot of ideas have been stagnating while I worked on the single next essay to publish. This new way, I hope, would clear up the pipelines; the essays I have queued up to be written are each based on some idea, and the work thereupon constitutes to a large extent the researching of the fine details. By giving me the liberty to dole out the essays progressively, I could –– I hope –– relatively quickly churn out the main core of each essay and then circulate between them for elaboration, fine-turning, reservation &c. Other than being able to present my ideas sooner, I hope this new dynamic would change my relation to the act of writing itself by focusing my attention on parts of texts rather than the whole. This, I hope, would wane me from my fear of turning to written texts of mine, a fear of discovering that the long lump I have lain is a big unreadable nonsensical trash; if I think in piecemeal, it’s easier to both inspect and see things are not as bad as I had imagined, and easier to improve. At least online writing is past the printing age, and with this technology in the past it is apt to to leave behind the mindset appropriated to it, and move to think in “last edits” instead of “editions”.

I hope to be able to move this site soon out of and host it myself. The name of the blog is arbitrary; it’s a bit forlorn without a title, but I don’t have an idea for an appropriate name.

I can be contacted here.

I’m also writing the blog ankieverything which is about the application of spaced repetition to domains other than dictionary words (but those also).



The Double Role of the Human Gaze (Published April 28, 2017, Last revision: March 3, 2018)

Aesthetics (Published April 1 2018)

Good and Evil (Published May 28 2018)